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Los Fresnos Area Chamber
 203 N. Arroyo Blvd.
 Los Fresnos TX 78566

Mission Statement

The CHAMBER shall be organized to promote, extend and assist all commerce growth in the surrounding area as it applied to and affect its membership. Such promotion shall include all aspects of commrecial activity and growth to include commercial businesses, agricultural projects, economic industrial development projects, and civic projects herewith associated.  

Why Should YOU Join?

The question often is asked, “What is the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce”.  Some people think it is just a special club for business owners.  Others think the Chamber is responsible for everything that happens in the City.  While the Chamber is a group of business owners, it also includes other entities and individuals and while the Chamber can impact what happens in the City, the true purpose of the Chamber is much more involved.

·        The Chamber represents and promotes the areas business economy.

·        The Chamber informs its members on activities in our local community and is a source of a successful business network that provides connections to congregate with other decision makers through the E-mails, Website, Community Events Calendar, monthly meetings, annual events and other programs.                  

·        The Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization with a membership of business owners as well as Churches, other non-profit organizations and residential individuals.  The Chamber likes to refer to its individual members as “The Friends of the Chamber”.  The individual, at one time were members, by representing a business, holding an office in one of the City’s government entities or knows the importance of being a part of our social organization.  Getting acquainted with these individuals is worth their weight in gold to any business owner.

·        The Chamber is a social solution that creates a public communication path between the non-commercial areas of education, human relations, environment, cultural and governmental concerns.

·        The Chamber is an asset to all business owners by advertising or sponsoring local holiday and community events exposing your business to the community which ultimately helps you be an active participant of the community providing new ways to advertise and gain new business prospects.

·        The Chamber encourages business and industrial investment as we are normally one of the first contacts representing our area.

·        The exhibition of your Membership plaque and membership sticker indicates that you are an established, trustworthy and reliable business as well as a team player and a community advocate.

·        The Chamber “ IS US”…. making the time for you, to do business while we take care of the business to business social needs and contacts to make your business succeed, prosper and grow.
























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Board Officers
 Ramón Ortiz,
 David Armendariz, V-President
Victor Moreno, Secretary
Gudelio Saldaña, Treasurer


Melissa Chavira,  Director
Zebedie Conde, Director
Pedro Maldonado, Director

Ronnie Rodriguez, Director
TBD, Director

Chamber Staff

Val Champion, Executive Director
Terry Sandate, Executive Assistant